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Can i receive unemployment if i quit my job to go to school - California

by jose hernandez
(los angeles california)

i worked with my previous employer from 4 am to noon and go to school at 1 but they cut the third shift and offer me the job from 7 to 3 30 pm but i couldn't accept because of my school but they offer me voluntary resignation program to quit voluntary because they had to lay off people but they told us that who ever enrolls in the program would be able to get unemployment i enroll in the voluntary program and apply to unemplyment and they told me that i dont qualify beacause im putting limits in the days and hours of work i appeal the decision i have the court thing on tuesday what can i do

Hi Jose,

Your issue is one of not being able and available for work. Limiting your ability to work is disqualifying.

So what you need to do is read section AA40 of the the California eligibility guide. It's all about what will and will not disqualify for unemployment while attending school.

This is where you will either find a reason for California to reverse your denied unemployment benefits decision or understand why and how you were disqualified for unemployment.

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