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can i receive unemployment if i quit

by pam

I quit my job of 7 years due to poor management. I was a line cook for a corp. I was a great employee. I always did what was asked of me. I cleaned my line, stocked my line and did the extra cleaning duty assigned to me. My problem was I was the only one that did it. Every shift was to do the same.

Every morning I would come in and everything I did the day before was a mess nothing filled all the cleaning I did was a mess and every day I would again do it all.

I would explain this to the managers, also the managers would see it for them selves and nothing was done to the other employees.

No manager was holding anybody accountable for anything. I felt used I felt like they figured I'd come in and do it so why should they have to. I spent an hour before I could even begin my work cleaning and stocking my line from the night before. Also there was a manager talking about my wage to other employees. I felt I explained my self and my issues many many times and nothing was done.

Hi Pam,

Although your account would prompt me to ask more questions about your situation that might alter my opinion .. I don't see much here that gives me much hope that you would get benefits.

But of course you know the details about your situation .. so I suggest you do some research on the issue of whether you voluntarily quit with good cause or not in Iowa and go from there.

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