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Can i recieve unemployment benefits if i have a second job working less than 20 hrs per week?

by koseay

I just got terminated from my job due to not being able to meet the expectations of the boss or the executive director I worked closely with. I feel like I was evaluated unfairly. I have a part time job working less than 20 hrs a week. I want to file for unemployment. But I'm afraid I won't get the full benefit due to this second job. I can't survive from what I get paid at the second job I only make enough to pay for gas and sometimes groceries. I live in florida so I'm not sure how this will affect me or if I will still be eligible for unemployment. I'm really worried and want to know how this works. My employer told me that they will not deny me unemployment benefits.



I understand your concern, but I warn you NOT to quit a part-time job after being laid off from a full time job because you are concerned about the amount of unemployment you will get.

How much money you get from unemployment is not the issue to be concerned about.

Every claim is an ongoing qualifying process for each week you claim benefits.

The easiest way to stop all benefits received due to a layoff .. is to quit a job, part-time or not, subsequent to filing a claim because you are concerned you will not be receiving the total amount of your weekly benefit amount.

The continuing qualifying process will always look at the "most recent separation from work" and in your case that would be the part-time job.

In any state, receiving Total unemployment or Partial unemployment benefits .. should not be a concern.

In fact, the weekly benefit amount is a static amount. The state will never pay you more than what is established as your total WBA.

But partial benefits have a state specified formula applied to see if you can still collect a portion of your weekly benefit amount. And all states disregard a specified amount of your weekly job earnings when computing how much of your WBA you are still entitled to.

The formulas, in other words are designed to encourage you not to quit part-time jobs .. because you can actually make whatever the disregarded amount is .. in addition to unemployment benefits.

So, quit thinking this way .. no matter what .. you are better off keeping the part-time job because you will never make more per week by being totally unemployed.

In fact that kind of thinking will leave you without any money coming in at all.

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Dec 11, 2012
Will both employers know about my EDD claim?
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing going. I just got laid off one job and have another job that has keeped me above water. If I do file a claim, will my only now current job be notified of that claim or only the job that laid me off? I don't really want my current job to know that have been working two job due to personal reasons. Any help on this question?

To look into the answer to whether the EDD will have to contact your current employer, I'd suggest reviewing information the EDD provides to employers.

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