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Can I refuse the job and still apply unemployment?

by Vivian
(New York Unemployment Benefits)

Question: Can I refuse the job and still apply unemployment?

I work for a hospital, and they have offered me a position, it's non clinical and $6.00 less per hour less than what I can make elsewhere based on my prior training and experience.

If I refuse the job, can I still apply fpr unemployment?

Hi Vivian,

Yes of course, you can apply for benefits, but better still, you should acquaint yourself with when and why NY determines a person has good cause to refuse a job.

However, make certain you pay attention to the information that NY (and many other states) changes what is suitable part way into your claim.

This is just one section of UI laws (suitable work or refusal of it) that can become a problem to collecting remaining benefits.

Unemployment benefits really are a ball and chain and take away some freedom to make decisions for ourselves to keep the WBA coming in.

Hmmmmm. That sounds a lot like being an at will employee where you give up the right to direct and control what you do to earn a living.

Boxes .. they are good for containing things.

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