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Can I reopen my original claim even my appeal (1st and 2nd) were denided?

by Taz

Afted laid off the end of March 2009. I was disabled and received California state disability benefits from 4/9/09 to 3/20/10. My disability benefit was eligibled until the end of April 2010. Unemployment insurance claimed was denided and the first appeal was denided on 6/11/10. I did not provided the evidence the judge requested. I did not bring doctor's release note dated May 27,2010. The second appeal was denided because I did not provided the evidence on the first appeal court. However, EDD told me that I can reopen my original claim and receive benefit and back pay. I kept filing continous claim form until 7/24/10.So EDD suggested me to reopen case with docotor's release note shown I was able to work since 7/25/10? Is it true? Can I reopen my case with doctor's note dated 5/27/10 and receive benefits since 5/28/10?

Wow, you're asking me .. when the EDD told you that you could.

Are you ready to show them the medical documentation now .. that proves you are "able and available for work?

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