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Can I still collect unemployment benefits if I get part time work in Florida?

by Daniel

Here is the thing: I know I am getting laid off my full-time job (making $34K) in October from a job I have worked for 3 years. The company is relocating out of state. I would would like to get a part-time job right now to start saving some cash because my wife is pregnant. How will this affect my future potential unemployment benefits? I only want to work the part-time job temporarily because I will be getting more work hours from September - October in my current full-time job due to the relocation and I will not be able to juggle both jobs. If I quit the part-time job, will that be a bad factor in my unemployment claim?

Thank you for any help.

Hi Daniel,

It could. This is a good question because you cannot believe how many people mess their benefits up by quitting a part-time job after they start collecting benefits.

The problem is unemployment benefits are determined on the most recent work. Quitting a part-time job subsequent to filing an unemployment claim .. is a bad idea.

This is a convoluted subject, but if you quit in September .. before the layoff .. you shouldn't have any problems. They would just apply a voluntary quit disqualification to that employment.

If you quit after you are laid off .. you could cause yourself some grief. The state will want to know why those wages disappeared, they'll need to call you and ask questions, they might stop all benefits and issue another determination denying .. you have to appeal, etc.

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