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Can I still collect unemployment if I move from Florida to Massachusetts

by scott

I have been laid off since Oct 2009. My son has had 6 surgeries in Oct 2009. I believe I was laid off for missing work.

My question is can I move from Florida to Massachusetts and still collect my unemployment?

We are moving because we will be close to family to help with my son. Maybe I'm wrong but, I believe I earned the little money I get each week .. So in my eyes I should be able to move to any part of this country and still collect. I know if I move to Mass. and I start working (I hope so) and I get laid off after 2 months I know they will take the last 2 employers to pay your unemployment..So if anybody has any advice or facts please let me know thanks for your time.

Hi Scott,

I understand completely why you want to move, but I will confine my answer to what I believe is relevant to continue collecting unemployment.

As far as I know Florida does not have a locality provision which could throw a monkey wrench into things or cause you to perform like a circus animal jumping through hoops to be able to keep your benefits should you move.

That's the good news, but there is always a possibility that a state may question or availability and ability to work during the time you move .. so just be aware of this when answering the questions on the claim for continued benefits.

Additionally, you would be wise to check out Florida's unemployment FAQ's with regard to changing your address and what you have to do when you get to Massachusetts.

Moving to another state usually requires registering for work through the new state's unemployment department and adhering to their job search requirements.

I don't think you should have any problems as long as you adhere to the procedures.

Good Luck Scott and I hope your son gets better quickly.


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