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Can I still collect unemployment if I take a Part-Time Job

by William

I was offered a Part-Time Job and would like to know if I take it could I still get unemployment? I have tried to full-time work but no one is really hireing full-time. The hours I would get a week are 16-22. I Live in Illinois.

Hi William,

Anytime someone has an unemployment claim based on full-time work and they accept a part-time positiion .. because that's all they can find .. they may still be entitled to partial unemployment benefits.

It's understood that if a person is not able to earn as much in part-time employment as they are on unemployment it would probably discourage people from accepting a part-time job .. even though it may turn into full-time work .. so all states have a formula they use to determine the amount of the partial benefits.

If you are entitled it must be "part-time work" and then it has less to do with the number of hours you work .. rather the gross amount you earn in those hours .. because that is what must be reported to the state when you file for continued benefits each week.

Currently in 2010, this is how IL is figuring partial benefits.

If you are working "part-time" and your earnings are less than your weekly baenefit amount for "total unemployment" then any earnings you do earn in part time work must be reported.

But Illinois will disregard up to 1/2 or those earnings before they start reducing the weekly benefit amount dollar for dollar for the remaining earnings.

So, you can see .. that since they disregard a certain amount before applying the formula .. it could actually be advantageous to accept part-time work.

If you earned one and a half times your weekly benefit amount .. it would be a wash .. but you would still have earned more than unemployment.

Illinois is actually very generous in that the amount they disregard is quite substantial .. as compared to some other states.

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Apr 29, 2012
Break in claim Part time Job Please Help
by: Anonymous


I have been unemployed since December. I just took a part time job waiting tables. I took the job because I am thinking of waiting tables full time but need experience, also I am a performer and take whatever chances I get to perform, and the job has the potential to be more than UI depending on tips and schedule so I would not claim those weeks.

I had two weeks of training and a week of rehearsal (singing waitstaff) the rehearsal week was 4 days of work although some of those days were only 3 hours and minimum wage, so I did not earn more than 405. I have been claiming my days of work as required and collected partial benefits (1 day for the first week) Because I worked 4 days the second week I claimed 4 days of work but selected no to "Did you earn more than 405" and no to "have you returned to work full time
Today I went to claim (I only worked one day this week) and had a break in claim form pop up. It asks for the most recent employer and reason for leaving

I am unsure of how to fill this out because it does not give an option for part time work. The closest option is lack of work and says hours are cut back as an option.

My questions are
1. If I list my new employer will my claim be based on wages with this new part time job or based on my original claim
2. Should I select lack of work since I am just not being scheduled for more than one or two days.

3. should I wait til Monday and try to get someone from unemployment on the phone?


If it were me, I sure wouldn't choose the LW option as it is not accurate and has the potential to get you into hot "misrepresentation of fact" water.

Me, I'd call them tomorrow and find out why there is a break in the claim form popping up.

Sounds to me like someone or something assumed you went back to work full-time when you worked the 4 day week.

NY (assumed because of the $405, NY's max weekly benefit) has some different rules about partial unemployment eligibility .. or at least, they explain them differently than any other state.

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