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Can I still collect unemployment if I work abroad?

by John

I'm currently collecting unemployment and have been offered a job abroad that pay $750 per month. The company will be including room and board. My questions is, if I report the $750, am I eligible to continue receiving benefits. Also, can I have someone fill out the continued claim form for me while I'm abroad? Thank you.

Hi John,

I see only problems for you.

I think you should call the EDD and ask them for guidance on this one.

I think you will have an A&A issue (able and available). You can't really be able and available for work if you have someone fill out your claim form .. which in and of itself sounds like a fraud issue.

I also think they will want to know how many hours a week you will working if the "abroad" part doesn't bother them.

I think you need to choose what you want to do.

Collect unemployment .. or throw caution to the wind, take the job abroad that will pay your room and board.

If the latter is what you want .. that's not a bad thing .. in fact, it sounds like it will be an adventure, but don't treat the benefits as a subsidy or how you will be able to come up with spending money while you're abroad .. that sounds like a bad plan that will come back to bite you.

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