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can I still collect?

by Kyle
(Reading, Pa USA)

I have been collecting pa unemployment benefits for 2.5 months. I accepted a job as a Sales manager at a car dealership. The hours were not as stated on my schedule. 12 hour days turned into 14-15 hr days 8 hour days turned into 12 hr days and I could not continue because of my obligation to my family. I worked 1 week and quit. I offered to forfeit any compensation from the dealership because they spent a bunch of money on pre employment testing. I believe that they will not be issuing me a check. can I still collect?

It will be dependent upon whether the unemployment department believes you have a good argument to prove you quit the work because it was "unsuitable".

One thing that can make work unsuitable .. even though it is in your field is the hours and the employer misrepresenting the job at the time of hire.

If you are thinking of not reporting this job to the UI department .. be aware employers are supposed to report new hires .. so even if they don't give you a check, it is likely your name is in a database of PA new hires and even though it might not be an immediate problem .. the fact that you failed to report the job and earnings to the department could become a fraud issue.

Not sure if you were thinking this way, but wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

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