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Can I still get Unemployment Extensions if I been going to school?

by Jorge

I got a Claimants Eligibility Review Questionnaire and it is asking me a question saying:

Do you attend or have definite date to attend school or a training program?

I been doing research and people say they had told the truth and said yes they started school or training and they got denied of there extension benefits.

I was wondering in the state of Florida if i can still get a extension while attending school?

Hi Jorge,

Yes it is possible to collect unemployment and attend school in Florida .. as long as going to school does not effect your ability and availability for find what is "suitable work" for you.

I think you should have asked your question on the page about going to school and collecting unemployment

I address just this issue there because when the state finds out .. they suspend benefits and "investigate the A&A issue if you are not approved for training benefits.

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