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can i still get unemployment if I can no longer work weekends due to chidcare issues.

I have been working for a company where i am an auditor. We travel all over the state and the schedule varies. I can be working at 5 am one day and 11 pm the next. My wife and i just recently had our first child and unfortunately, daycare is not open on weekends. My wife works full time and is unable to have weekends off due to her job.

I have asked my employer if I can please not be scheduled on weekends because of the fact we have no one to watch our child.

He told me if I refused to work on weekends he will report me to unemployment saying that I am refusing work.

Can he really do this? I have a family obligation in which I must be home for on weekends,

Over all my question is can i still receive unemployment if i tell him i can not work on weekends due to no child care?

Hi Anonymous,

My apologies, but sometimes I'm amazed by the irrelevance and or tiny little bit of information I'm given and then asked to answer whether I think someone can receive unemployment when all I can really do is speculate and propose a whole lot of "what ifs".

As far as your employer goes .. he'll do whatever he wants to do. I don't help them anymore with what they should do as far as unemployment goes.

But I can venture a guess as to what you might be talking about.

Are you collecting partial unemployment now and he is threatening to tell them you are refusing work because you aren't available for work due to childcare issues?

Childcare is your obligation. Unless weekend work is something new which the employer has recently required of you .. I think you'll have a tough time proving why your solution is the only solution .. and one that should entitle you to benefits because you are telling the employer you can't work on the weekends .. an eligibility condition of unemployment is to be able and available to work.

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