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Can i still receive my unemployment benefits from california if i move to another state and are actively looking for work?

I live in california and just started getting unemployment. Can I move to another state and still receive my benefits in california while i actively look for work in the new state? Please help.

Yes, moving to another state would probably also require by California that you register for work in the new state and adhere to their work search requirements, but here's some fair warning.

Moving has created the need for an additional EDD interview because their ability and availability and their work search was questioned "while they were moving or in transit.

So just be truthful when certifying for that week you do move and be sure to follow CA's procedures for changing your address and requirements for anything else they require you to do .. like registering with the other state.

For those in other states .. make sure your state does not have a "locality provision" that could be used to disqualify you for moving.

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