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Can I still recieve unemployment if I claimed disability in the past 12 months?

by Mike
(Chino Hills, CA, USA)

I live in Los Angeles, California, and I took my 6 week family bonding time for a new born baby (considered disability) recently. After returning to work, I have found that a couple of employees have been laid off due to slow business, and have heard rumors I am next. So my question is would I qualify for unemployment even though I took 6 weeks family bonding time (disability) in the past 12 months. Also, if I do qualify for unemployment, could I re-enroll in college and still receive unemployment?


Yes .. if you are laid off, you can still collect unemployment because it's a different type of unemployment benefit.

But that college idea .. I'm going to refer you to different page of questions and answers.

Collecting unemployment while going to school

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