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can i win an appeal?

by mike
(tampa florida)

i quit 1 job because the shops equipment was failing daily and that they wont be fixed because they are going to build a new shop and spending money on the old shop was a waste. the broken equipment made it impossible to safely and legally do my job within normal work hours. after leaving that job to take a another job i was fired. he said i was fired for poor performance and attitude. it happened after i complained that the boss teamed me up with a 60 year old man with a bad leg , eyes, lunges and heart. the man was the boss's wife's uncle. my unemployment was denied because i was not at 2nd job long enough or make enough money and i voluntarily quit my 1st job.

Hi Mike,

What are you planning on appealing?

Even if you are found to have been discharged without good cause from the latest job .. you will still need to be found to have quit the previous one with good cause to remove that disqualification.

I can only speculate about what actually happened from the way you told the story and neither separation sounds to good for you.

But don't let me stop you .. because you know a lot more than me.

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more details
by: mike

I'm appealing the 1st decision to deny my benefits. they where denied because i did not work or earn enough at the last job and that i quit the previous job. my appeal is basically stating that i quit because the shops equipment is dilapidated and never works so I'm unable to safely and legally do my job within a normal workday. i was told the shop was Mercedes Benz certified. which would mean it meets industry standards. the shop was not certified that is why they are building new shop but the have not started construction. upper management will not invest money in old shop. when i started there was 3 booths, 1 month in fire permits where denied on 1 for safety now then there was only 2. then the oldest booth was blowing fuses and was down graded to do small jobs. now there is 1 booth for 3 painters.

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