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Can I win my NC unemployment appeal if employer has no proof

by Kim

My unemployment appeal is in NC.

When I got fired I asked my employer several times why and he said personality conflicts. I have never gotten in to a fight or talked badly to anyone. I was a waitress and in my 20 years of waitressing there is always someone who doesn't like someone and I never heard of them getting fired because of that. I asked him to get situations and who was saying these things and after asking 2 people who replied they haven't had any problems with me he quit asking people. The day he fired me he gave me severance and said he didn't want to look at me anymore. I also told him it wasn't fair that he is telling me to change but no one else has to. (The cook would constantly yell and call me and others f'n b's and a dishwasher who threw a buspan at me, they are still employed.) Should I bring them up? I want to add I live in NC and he constantly made fun of me being a yankee and said I talk too much. Can you please help me because how I was treated was horrible and I need this unemployment, I am not able to find work. Thank you

Yes, I would think you could win this appeal .. given only what you revealed here.

Here's a link that might help you prepare for the hearing.

North Carolina unemployment precedent decisions

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