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Can mental illness that impaired judgment be factored into eligibility in California?

(Central California)

My husband suffered a manic episode in conjunction with two heart attacks a little over a year ago. (Doctors could not confirm whether the vascular problems triggered the episode or if it was coincidental.) While in his delusional state, he quit his job and did many other irrational things. With time and treatment, his mental state returned to normal, but he has been unable to secure employment.

He did file for unemployment and was denied because he quit voluntarily. During the interview, he did not explain that there were extenuating circumstances, i.e., mental problems. I'm wondering if there is any grounds for an appeal. There are medical records confirming the manic diagnosis, if indeed that would do any good.



Yes, I think you could use that as a basis for appeal. One question though .. has your husband approached the employer that he quit and explained the episode and asked for his job back?

I can envision an employer protesting with an argument that he didn't do this .. so how would they know ..

The episode itself though definitely lends itself to not being "voluntary" and due to a medical condition. You would also be a good witness as well as the medical documentation.

That must have been a very frightening time for you.

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May 28, 2010
can I get unemployment if denied for stress,anxiety problems?
by: marilyn

I was at my job for almost 2 years. The last year been very tough on me.I lost my mom after a long illness. I got a call last mothers day about her in the hospitol. A few months went by and I was told that it was time for her to on hospice care. She was transferred to a living facility where she died in sept.2009.It was the same place my dad was at when he died but he commited suicide after he left there. So because of my stress,anxiety I was starting to make mistakes at work. Even though I had been warned before I continued to make them.I tried to relay meesages to myself about it but it didn't work. THen other things kept happening, kids moving in,money problems,my brother has cancer.I would catch myself in these moods even at work that I cried when I heard the music that was playing overhead.

Mar 09, 2010
Impaired Judgment
by: Anonymous

Yes, he did reapply for his job--and was not rehired.

You're right. It was all very scary.

Thanks so much for your input.

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