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Can my son get unemployment if he quits one job

by Carol

My son was working through a temp agency and got laid off. He was looking and then the temp agency hired him for two days. He was able to find another on his own for weekends, but then when he was hired it was for more, 5-6 hrs. per night for 5x a week.

Now the temp agency is getting him more work. He can't work 13-16 hrs. a day and not get his rest. He had a nervous breakdown four years ago due to stress from work.

Can he still collect (Wisconsin unemployment) if he doesn't make enough from the temp agency??? He never knows from one week to the next yet how much work he will have, but next week he is on for five nights at the extra job. Will he be penalized for this????


Hi Carol,

You didn't say, but I have assumed your son applied for unemployment when he was laid off from the temporary assignment..right? And a weekly benefit amount was determined.

When anyone is collecting unemployment checks, there is a system in place that requires an individual to file or "certify a weekly or bi-weekly claim for benefits. The state asks a series of questions along the lines of; Did you look for work? Did you accept any work? If so, how much did you earn (they want the gross amount).

So, the wages he earns from that job he took will need to be reported when he certifies each time, along with any wages earned from the temp assignments.

If he has still earned less that his weekly benefit amount his unemployment check will cover the difference.

Most states, will also disregard a certain amount of earned wages when computing partial unemployment benefits. Wisconsin is $30 plus 33% of wages in excess of $30.

Click Non Monetary. This chart is at the DOL and is a WEALTH of basic information for all 50 states...including Wisconsin.

So, the 5-6 hr five times a week job should be his priority because it's steadier, and quitting it would probably end up disqualifying him from benefits because it is "subsequent employment".

Whereas, if he refuses a temporary assignment, he has good cause to do so because he has another job. He can still collect partial unemployment.


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