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Can my unemployment stop because I have my real estate license active with a broker?

by frances

I have been claiming unemployment as I have not made any wages with my broker or anyone else. I have not had any clients actively looking to buy a home. I have my license to have something to fall back on as I have been actively seeking employment, but I am not having any luck. I am trying to be proactive w/my situation. If I have not made any income, am I still entitled to my unemployment benefits? -

Hi Frances,

I do not see how a license could stop you from collecting unemployment unless you actually made some money with it which would be reportable when you filed for continuing benefits.

You do realize that if you do make any money as a real estate agent that this type of employment is an excluded employment. No one pays any UI tax on it, so any money you earn in commissions will not be included in any future base period.

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