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Can Oregon deny my son unemployment?

He was working a graveyard shift working 60-70 hour weeks and got married and had a baby. He needed to find a day job to be home with his family. He was hired at a job that was 40 hour weeks and $11 an hour. He gave his 2 weeks notice and a week later they said they decided to hire someone else at $10 an hour. His old job wouldn't take him back.

Now they are saying he can't draw unemployment because he was taking a job that paid less.
Is that really true?
If not, what can he do about it?

Yes, that is true. When a state does allow for quitting to take another job it is always based on the fact the the job was better or more suited to your training. Better pay .. not more convenient. And in most states that do allow benefits if the new job falls through .. you'd be wise to cough up an offer letter just to prove you had a solid offer of work.

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