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Can the employer be fount guilty of lying under oathe on the second appeal since a decision has been made?

by Geni
(San Mateo CA )

lying under oathe! and actually telling the judge to put it on record that it isnt so. I was fired by the ceo in New York My boss says no I fired you. Gives you an option because he had no choice. my boss is making me. He tells me , you have a choice of being laid of or being fired. Think this way. When you get laid off you cant collect unemployment, but being fired you will not have a problem i promise. He also says that i waited till 9:00 o'clock to tell him i wasnt coming in till 1:oo they were saying a mass for my sister who passed away. on april 20, 2006. Also the DAY BEFORE ON THE 19TH, he says i left work for 1 1/2 hours with out punching out.True i didnt punch out but honestly I forgot. I know i would never do that i couldn't prove it. until !! my phone bill cant lie right. T-Mobile couldnt give me the info since this was in april and especially since i have not paid them since april its now September. My account is closed but still charging me a fee every month. They cant go back only 3 months but the collection dept. can if you're disputing a bill which i was. then found that no i didnt call until 9:00 that morning but yes to calling at 11;47 THE NIGHT BEFORE.. I ALSO FOUND DESCREPANCIES IN AUDIO CD. This man is a liar and a cheat he has manipulated me since day one I worked there for ten years with not A ONE CENT RAISE. Always being left out of everything. made fun of etc. I was the only girl against 3 guys. My hearing is September 13. this Monday . Do you think i have a chance? Geni

I will pay you a little bit i can borrow the money Ive been scrapin,collecting food stamps and owin everyone since April Help me please . Geni from San Mateo California..

I still have absoblutely, no idea, why you were fired.

I also don't know how someone could of lied under oath if the hearing isn't until Monday.

I can tell you this, if you testify as coherently as you presented the FACTS in writing .. I'll be betting on the employer to win.

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