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Can this be misconduct to disqualfy me from unemployment

by Keisha

I was fired from my job because they said I falsified my application. I am a Certified Nurse for over 10yrs. My previous position was a Certified Nurse and my last job was a certified Nurse. Now my past jobs after this required me to do some of the things as a Certified Nurse do. There I held two positions at different times: Patient Services Assistant that did some things as Certified Nurse do and the other as Housekeeping that had no contact with patient. This was explained to my recruiter when I got hired. She said it was ok! and thanks for explaining that I did the some thing that CNA are required to do and I would not be held at fault, now 10 months letter I was terminated.

Hi Keisha,

I suspect the key word here is "certified".

Did you say that you were a CNA on your application? I don't think it matters that you may have performed some of the same duties .. so much as that you do not possess the piece of paper (certification).

If you are not certified and you wrote that you were on the application .. that is considered misconduct.

If you don't, you could probably get some grant money to become certified.

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