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Can unemployment be put on hold after It was allready approved,and you've been getting It 2 1/2 months because of an appeal

by Marlis

My husband was wrongfuly terminated from his job of 2 yrs. They approved his unemployment, which he has been on for 2 and 1/2 months now. Last week the establishment he worked for filed for an appeal. The unemployment judge said he would let us know within 2 weeks, but they put his money on hold. I thought since It was already approved, why did they put It on hold? I thought It would stop only when the judge makes his decision about the case. We have already had alot of hardship because of what they put us through, and now this. We have no income at all right now, and my husband Is on medication we can't get now. It could be 3 wks. before we might get any money because they froze his unemployment. Nothing has been proved, so how can they do that? My husband has worked In food service for 30 yrs. and 20 as a manager. He has a good work history.

Hi Marlis,

If I have anything wrong .. correct me.

Your husband was allowed unemployment then the employer appealed and last week your husband had a phone hearing in Oklahoma and a hearing decision has not been issued yet .. as far as you know.

You are correct at least according to my understanding of how benefits work.

Everything I know about unemployment says .. benefits are not supposed to be stopped until and if a hearing decision is issued which reverses the initial determination.

So now my concern for you is that one has been issued, but you just haven't received it yet.

When were the benefits stopped?

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