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Can you be disqualified from Unemployment ff you were sick 1 day?

by Denise
(New York, New York)

Last night, I obviously ate something that was not good and today, I find out through my several trips to the bathroom and stomach pain, that I must have food poisoning. I was wondering how do I report this to unemployment. I called my job (I am a substitute teacher) and I let them know an hour in advance that I would not be coming in. So, can you tell me what the consequences are for not being Ready, Willing and Able for 1 day? Thank you.

Hi Denise,

No, I really can't say. NY's interpretation idex does not address this particular set of circumstances .. at least I can't find it.

I could find the information if you were in California though:)

I assume that NY like all states ask if you were able and available for each week you file for benefits for with a question:

Were you able and available for work in the week ending ??/??/????

If you check the box I also assume some computer type alarm bell goes off and raises a flag which prompts the state into taking whatever action prescribed. Whether they simply do not pay for that week until they contact you to explain or whether they suspend benefits altogether .. is a question best answered by others collecting unemployment.

I have some thought on how I might argue a denial of benefits that week, but I also assume you want to avoid a problem. So hopefully someone else from New York will post to this thread .. if not I think you should come back and tell us what you did and what the results were.


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