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Can you claim NYS unemployment from another state?

I worked in NY for last 10 years. Getting laid off and moving to another state. Can I receive benefits from NYS while living in another state? How long can I do this?

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Yes you can do this as long as the state liable to pay the benefits doesn't have what they call a locality provision. It can sometimes throw a monkey wrench into the works ..

Per DOLETA you shouldn't have to worry about this in NY.

Locality—Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, and South Carolina require that workers be available for work in a locality where their base-period wages were earned, or in a locality where similar work is available or where suitable work is normally performed.

Illinois and Utah consider workers to be unavailable if, after separation from their most recent work, they move to and remain in a locality where opportunities for work are substantially less favorable than those in the locality they left.

Arizona and Utah require that, at the time they file a claim, workers be a resident of their state or of another state or foreign country that has entered into reciprocal arrangements with the state.

Oregon, Utah and Virginia consider workers unavailable for work if they leave their normal labor market area for the major portion of a week unless the worker can establish that they conducted a bona fide search for work in the labor market area where they spent the major part of the week.

See, no problems really .. but you certainly don't want to move to Alaska if your typical line of work is .. growing palm trees.

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Feb 01, 2012
Thanks for the informative response!!
by: Anonymous

that info is so helpful!! your really doing a great service for the public!! thank you!

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