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Can you collect unemployment when you quit a job for moving in with a significant other which is a co-worker (California)?

by Molly
(Studio City, CA)

I recently had to move in with a friend of mine to due domestic violence, but she is now moving and I need to relocate. My only option is to move in with my long-term boyfriend who is also my co-worker. Mainly because I cannot afford high rent prices on my salary, and cannot even afford to rent a room out. My boyfriend has decided to take me and my small child in, which is not allowed at our place of work. It is a rule at our job that you cannot live with a co-worker no matter what the reason is (however it is okay to date). If they found out about the situation we would either be fired or forced to move to separate job locations which is not convenient for either of us. I am planning on telling them when the move takes place and planning on quitting to avoid any conflict. Would this constitute as good reason to file for unemployment benefits?

Hi Molly,

Oh, that employer policy sounds so full of holes I don't even know where to begin.

I guess you could start with the California Eligibility Guide, but since I can't see the policy I suggest you either call the California Appeal Board and ask if they can direct you to a relevant precedent decision .. or contact a free legal aid office and ask them.

I think it would be important to review the employer's policy that "allows dating", but forbids co-habitation .. very odd.

Additionally, you mentioned "domestic abuse" .. this may also be relevant to your situation .. so explore that scenario in the eligibility guide as well.

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