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Can you get unemployment if you are receiving severance in Florida?

by Michele
(Tampa, FL)

I took a retirement package from my employer, effective 11/1/08. Company was looking to reduce staff without layoffs and provided severance pay. My job was stressful, both mentally and physically. After 14 yrs it was a good decision.

Am I entitled to unemployment compensation?

Hi Michele,

This is what Florida says about Wages in lieu of notice (severance).

(a) Wages in lieu of notice.

(b)1. Compensation for temporary total disability or permanent total disability under the workers' compensation law of any state or under a similar law of the United States.

2. However, if the remuneration referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b) is less than the benefits that would otherwise be due under this chapter, he or she is entitled to receive for that week, if otherwise eligible, benefits reduced by the amount of the remuneration.

So, it really depends on how many weeks of severance and the amount you are receiving. If it was a lump sum payment it would depend on how many weeks of wages it represents. If you will be receiving a pension this will also have an effect on your weekly benefits, but the State of Florida does consider an employees contributions to the pension when reducing the benefits amount.


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