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Can you get unemployment if you have to quit because your employer fails to take action against a coworker who repeatedly undermines and sabotages your reputation to coworkers?

by Heather

I quit my job 9 months ago feeling completely defeated. I began a few years ago to experience conflict with a coworker, whom I gotten her job at this very company! She was constantly demeaning towards me and correcting of my work to our clients after she was hired. Even when what I had done was correct and she was wrong. I went to my manager who wanted her and I to work it out. That went no where as she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. I started to have horrible stomach pain at work. I went to the doctor over and over again and was told it was most likely stress. I then went a few months later to my director who also looked over my stack of e-mails and after listening to me told me I was being too sensitive and that my coworker "was just trying to help". The truth is that she never tried to help me. She would change my work behind my back, never tell me and I would find out later completely on accident. Management thought she walked on water but the truth was that her experience in the field was over 20 years old and she was constantly stabbing people in the back to make herself look good. I eventually ended up going back to my Director again as one last attempt only to be told again that I was being overly sensitive, while my reputation was being ripped to shreds by her to our customers. I couldn't take it anymore and I quit. I was too ashamed at the time to ask for unemployment. But now 9 months later, after looking for work and only finding part-time work available, I am feeling more and more like I would like to apply for unemployment. What do you all think?

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