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Can you get unemployment if you quit your job due to lack of work?

My boyfriend got layed off and got approved for unemployment but in two weeks he found a job. He gets paid flat rate and he is not making hours at all. Can he quit due to lack of work and get unemployment?


I wouldn't do it...If he is not working full-time and making less than his established weekly benefit amount he should just continue to file for "Partial unemployment benefits".

If he quits the new job he'll raise an issue for himself and would need to prove to the state that he quit for good cause. It would be a "refusal of suitable work" issue and he would need to check his states statutes about this issue because this like everything is controlled by the state.

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Mar 13, 2009
Im confuse
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply. Well we called unemployment to see if we can get partial payment. So here is the situation. He is a mechanic, He is at the shop 40 hours a week "waiting" for cars to come in to work on. He gets paid FLAT RATE so he doesnt get paid the 40 hours he is there only the hours he got working on the car. Anyway I explained this to unemployment and they said he is considered working full time so we cant get it????? He only made 10 hours for the pay period (every two weeks) .........This is so confusing.........

Tell me about it!! Is this a new pay structure? I've had others ask if they could quit because an employer was moving to this structure.

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