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Can you get unemployment in Arkansas if you quit because you found out the boss complained to a coworker about you & offered your job to them.

by Laura

I have been at this job for 12 yrs.I started out as a housekeeper & moved my way up to the administrator of the facility. Never once in 12yrs have I ever been wrote up or even reprimanded for anything. Out of the blue the lady that is under my boss calls & complains about me about numerous things to my coworker/assistant. Ex. missing days to go to dr or due to sickness. She said, she's on salary & should be there. My hours r 9-5 for the most part, mon-fri so when else am I suppose to go to dr? we do not have sick days. The days I miss r not many. I only go to dr when I absolutely have to because I do not have insurance. Anyway she just kept going on & on about different things I needed to fix to my coworker(some things she was having a huge fit over,they never cared about b4. Like gettin the coworker to look over the payroll for mistakes, she's authorized, but she had a huge fit over it because it wasn't my coworkers job, but that was one of the complaints she had about me (makin a mistake on payroll). She also said that when my boss got back they were going to have another talk about me(never knew about the 1st one) & if it didn't change would she b interested in my job. My coworker just kept tellin her she needed to talk to me 1st. For one they put her in a very bad position talking to her about it. Stress she didn't need, about whether to tell me or not. Me & the coworker have been workin together for

about 8yrs. Also, the day after this happened & I was told, the lady from the office called me & all she said was I needed to try not to mess up on payroll (the manner she put this in to me was "oh by the way") Never said anything else. My problem now is I do not want to wrk for these people after I have done so much for them & been there so long if they r going to b that way & offer my job w/o even telling me or giving me the chance to fix the problem. To me it is just wrong & immoral. If I quit for this reason can I get unemployment. Also I still have 2 wks vacation due but they say they dont have the money to give me the pay instead of the time off(tried to get the pay in case i got fired & didn't want to lose it. Can they do that? Hope u understand all this.

Hi Laura,

First, I sincerely doubt you would get unemployment ig you just up and quit without first trying to resolve the conflict.

You need to go to whomever is above this sneaky manipulative person who is trying to find a reason to get rid of you. You need to ask your co-worker to write a statement for you. You need to give the employer a chance to take care of this person who is doing harassing type things.

You would need to check Arkansas's labor laws about the vacation pay. I don't think they can do that, but the laws are different from state to state.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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