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Can You get unemployment in NYS if you quit due to shift change

by pete
(salamanca ny usa)

I was off work for 2 1/2 weeks due to doctors note, I came back on monday and owner told me as of tomorrow my hours changed from 8-5 m-f, to 3-11 m-f, this is a body shop only open until 5 pm , I had a meeting with the owner and manager advising them of my situation of no child care on mondays-tuesdays( until 5 willing to work after 5) and fridays . However, I was able to work tuesday (after 5) wednesday and thursday until 11 pm. They said no , they needed someone 40 hours not 20 or so. I advised them I could work monday and friday my hired time of 8-5 they declined then also saying the only offer was to work nights. It almost seems i was forced to quit. I didn't want to I was willing to cut my hours and try to make any other arrangements. They declined all of them. Not willing to compromise (i work in a body shop and I clean I have been doing this for over a year and now all of a sudden they wanted me to work nights. when i was hired i was told of my hours m-f 8-5 pm. I live in nys.

Hi Pete,

It almost seems they were forcing you to quit???

Here is the information that's going to provide an answer for you NYS Interpretation Index.

If you understand the right elements to bring up and focus upon .. you should be able to prove good cause for quitting. You have a strong case.


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