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Can you help me with how to handle denial of claim

by Kathy
(fullerton, California)

Hi. I hope you can help me with my problem. I worked for a VERY large California amusement park for 8 years, and was considered an exemplary employee. I have never been written up for anything, and have always been known to follow rules and procedures completely, without question. They called me into the back office and told me that "someone" told them that they saw me take $5.00 out of the register. I told them I did not and showed them that I had over $100.00 in my pockets, why would I take 5.00. I was very upset. They told me to go home and they would call me to come in after they "looked into it"

I was embarrassed and devastated. I would never do that. They called and told me to come in for a hearing and stated that I had a lot of absences that they needed to discuss with me. I was so irritated and was emotionally a wreck. I take blood pressure medication and the stress of the matter was making me extremely sick. My husband said not to go. He was worried that I would not be able to stand these awful allegations and that my health was being affected tremendously. He basically said "screw them" You don't need to put up with that!

I filed my unemployment claim and wrote that I was
denied for absences, because that's what they told me. But I didn't have an attendance problem and never took $5.00.

How would I state my appeal for the reason I disagree with the decision.

Thank you for your help. I only have 2 days to send this out and I'm beside myself with worry.

Hi Kathy,

Just to clarify what I think you're saying happened (if I'm wrong, let me know).

You were accused falsely of stealing five dollars and sent home (were you suspended?) while the employer investigated those allegations, but when they called and said there would be a hearing (is this a standard procedure for the the handbook?) to discuss an attendance policy problem you didn't go and instead filed for unemployment and told the state you were fire for attendance....and you were denied unemployment.

What did the determination or letter denying your benefits state? It probably says either that it is found you voluntarily quit your job without good cause or it is determined you were discharged for misconduct.

This would be helpful information to know. My guess is it says you voluntarily quit because your failure to go to the meeting or contact the employer again was a quit. If you had gone to the meeting and were subsequently fired for attendance issues...then I'd probably be looking at your whole situation from a more hopeful angle.

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