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Can you quit a job for a salary reduction and added work load and be able to collect unemployment?

by Anonymous

I work for a company who cut all employees pay by 10%. If that alone isn't difficult enough, there is also going to be a reduction in staff. I have been given the heads up that I will be asked to take on a number of different roles to fill the vacancies, which may require me to work on weekends. This will prevent me from being able to take out a part time job on the weekends to make up for the loss of pay. Plus I will be doing the job of 3-4 people, will pay reduction. The company had also stripped employees of vacation and holiday pay, but restored these benefits for the time being. Is this just cause to quit a job and receive unemployment in the State of Florida?

Hi Anonymous,

I did a number of searches for Florida precedent decisions regarding reduction in pay and found a few, but none closely related to your circumstances. Some states do publish unemployment decisions, but if Florida does...I couldn't find them. Some states also give a specific percentage to show what substantial is, but again not far as I can tell.

I'm very doubtful that 10% would be considered substantial in Florida. But I do have questions about the reduction in pay and the increase in hours. It might add up to good cause.

But I don't know for sure, so.....

Nobody should quit (if they can help it) before they know what to expect because quitting for good cause is your burden to prove.

You may want to check this page.

You can request public records (maybe decisions which define what is a substantial reduction in pay and substantial changes in the conditions of employment that show good cause). They may be able to provide some information specific to your circumstances.


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Reduction in Pay & Demotion
by: Anonymous

I gave 2 weeks notice for retail mgr job after 30 day evaluation where I was given a negative on response time for hiring others after I had 2 fired by owner. I was offered sales position and 5.00 an hour reduction...I gave notice properly and pay was kept the same but hours cut on last week. This place was a revolving door and I was mislead from day one as well as being told to watch my back in relation to a special pet employee of owner. I was on UE before I took this far its been 6 weeks claimed..have not gotten any paperwork from UE other than the forms to be sure to claim weeks which I do it time to call them?

Yes, absolutely it is time to call them.

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