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Can you quit a permanent job for a temporary full time job and still collect unemployment when laid off?

by April
(Panama City, FL USA)

Hi! We live in Florida. My husband quit his job at a local restaurant where he has worked for 5 years in June of 2010 to take a contracting job assisting with the area's Gulf oil clean up effort. It is a full time position and he works about 84 hours a week. They are now shutting down his job site and laying off the workers. They have worked about 2 months, but he made more money in that time than he would have made in 8 months at his other job, so well worth leaving the steady job in my opinion. We are concerned because he left a full time job for this position and he has only been there 2 months that he may not be able to draw unemployment. What are your thoughts on this?

My thoughts tend to ask the question of whether he has purged the disqualification for quitting in Florida.

Copy and pasted from the Florida statutes.

Disqualification for voluntarily quitting continues for the full period of unemployment next ensuing after the individual has left his or her full-time, part-time, or temporary work voluntarily without good cause and until the individual has earned income equal to or in excess of 17 times his or her weekly benefit amount.

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