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can you quit, and get UI, if your job responsibilites are changed drastically

by john
( upstate new york)

My workplace was taken over and the location moved by a larger agency. Many of us are not doing the jobs we were hired to do, and have had our commute time tripled . Is this grounds to quit and collect unemployment?

Hi John,

It can be. Everything is in the details. The commute may be if the state considers the added difference good cause. The change in job duties may be if you are not qualified or is considered a demotion and if the pay is different.

There is also a danger to consider. If a person acquiesces unconditionally to the changes it may present a roadblock to benefits when you voluntarily quit because you accepted knowing these negative terms and conditions of the new employment.

I suggest you read the relevant topics in the New York Interpretation Index.

Reading former decisions that have been made helps you to understand what may be "good cause" and what may not be. Then you can apply it to your own circumstances.

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