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Can you quit because you had a subpoena to go to court and were not allowed time off?

by Jeff
(Wichita, KS.)

I was required to go to court and put in a PTO request well in advance of the date explaining the reason for time off was that I had to go to court. I had over 40 hours of PTO available and when the new schedule became available I was scheduled to work on that date. I checked the PTO request page and my request had been rejected. I tried to contact the court, and was told that if I did not show up on the date and time that a warrant for my arrest would be issued. I called in to work in advance on the day scheduled and told them that I could not come in today because I had to go to court. When I got back to work, the boss was very upset and told me that he had some papers for me to sign. I was upset that I was going to be written up when I had PTO available, I had asked off well in advance, and since the case had been continued, I would have to go through the whole thing again in less than a month and I quit my job.

Hi Jeff,

Very doubtful. If you had just counter documented on that write-up why you had to take the day off and ditto for any further write-ups for the same situation and the employer ever fired you for attendance .. then you would have been able to collect unemployment.

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