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Can you quit for being harrassed daily by a member of a club?

by Rachel
(Carolina Beach, NC)

I am currently the manager of an HOA/Yacht Club at Carolina Beach, NC. I work independantly with a volunteer board of directors. The past 6 months I have been harassed by a disgruntled member/homeowner of the club via, signs left hanging on common doors, trash left all over the place, messing up common area then telling everybody I'm not doing my job, emails, phone calls. He feels I should be present certain hours. I have the board of directors who set my hours, and go by those. It's just never going to stop. I feel anxiety everyday just thinking that I have to go to work everyday....and who knows what Mr. Disgruntled member is going to leave for me next. In speaking with my boss, who is a volunteer board member, he tells me to ignore the member. When you get taunted with something on a daily basis it is very hard, and my nerves are shot. I'm a single mom and cannot afford to not have a job, or unemployment. My mental health has gone down the tubes since he's started with the harassing. Nobody will do anything to even attempt to stop him though. I'm very frustrated, and don't want to have to resort to anxiety/depression meds to get me through the day. That is where it is headed though. Could you suggest a website that could answer some of my questions. I appreciate your help.

Hi Rachel,

I'm going to advise you to talk to a NC attorney because you say you can't afford not to have a job. In this economy especially, quitting a job should be a
last resort only.

It's funny how some employers appear ignorant about what they should do as a matter of course if someone is harassing one of their employees.

It's so common a reaction, it's come to be expected .. I think.

Given that you work for a volunteer board of an HOA and it's one of the members of the HOA harassing you .. I'm not surprised they are telling you to just ignore it. The bully might be a buddy of one of the board members.

Using an attorney does not mean you want to sue necessarily.

I think attorneys are very valuable for striking fear into the heart of an employer who is acting irresponsible in the face of an employee who has mustered the courage to ask for help with a bully.

They may not want you around after going to an attorney, but they might be cautious enough not to do anything too stupid.

If they understand they have to be careful now .. because you have retained a lawyer, they will probably do one of two things:

Buck up and take affirmative action to take care of the harasser or ..

Decide not to do anything because it would be more expeditious to offer you something in return for you to just go away.

That's what attorneys can do. They can tell you what actions you need to take to strengthen your position even more or how to negotiate a better severance.

It's my personal opinion that people always wait to long to contact an attorney.

Forget being anxious and depressed about the situation .. go on the offensive.

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