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Can you quit if wages are unpaid? - NYS

by Anonymous
(New York State)

I guess the story is I work for a retailer that is facing chapter 7 wages are currently unpaid I just want to know can I get unemployment if I quit? and if you find an out can you please post a link to where you found it. Thanks! (Oh yea its New york)

Hi Anonymous,

Ya guess .. huh?

Here's some links:

A nice little synopsis of the sections of Title 7 for unemployment claimants.

Information about New York unemployment appeals and hearings Which leads to the New York "Unemployment Interpretation Index and case law summaries" You'll need to go all the way down the list to Section 1735 then "Other terms and conditions" and then go to D 6.

And The Labor Standards Division which is where you really should start and leads to a comprehensive if not too informative list of frequently asked questions.

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