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Can you quit if you are pregnant and are having complications with the pregnancy?

by Tina Cranford
(Huntsville, AL)

I have been working for a company in Alabama for almost two years. I am now pregnant and am beginning to have complications. I am having difficulty performing my job. My employer will allow me to take a medical leave of absence, and wants me to return to work after the baby is born. My baby is due Sept. 05, 2009. The problem is, I cannot afford to be off work with no income. My employer is willing to help me figure this all out. Will I be able to collect unemployment under these circumstances?

Hi Tina,

No you wouldn't because you would not be able and available for work which is a requirement to collect unemployment benefits.

You would need short term disability insurance to receive any money.

This is what your asking .. right? If you can quit and collect unemployment instead of going on an unpaid medical leave?

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