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Can you receive unemployment if you are furloughed in California?

by aaron
(santa ana ca)


Can furloughed employees receive benifits in calif?

Hi Aaron,

I think the answer would be dependent on the length of the furlough.

The word itself seems a little misleading. In my mind a work furlough is a temporary layoff and it also indicates to me that you are "job attached" .. which is a condition the employer tells the state about and frees you from the required job search. It is not a condition anyone should assume is present. I'm sure you would be notified by the state if it is a condition.

But the length of the furlough is relevant because a one-day furlough would be long enough only to establish a claim .. most states require a "one week unpaid waiting period before you would be entitled to benefits.

I think the establishment of the claim might not be a bad idea though .. because if an employer is furloughing .. a permanent layoff might be just around the corner and subsequent furloughs in the interim could have a small effect on your weekly benefit amount .. if they stretch out the furloughs.

If your furlough is longer than a week .. definitely file.

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Jun 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

What an abuse of the unemployment system that would be!! There is already enough fraud and abuse in the unemployment benefit program.

The question wasn't about, or abusing the system, or anything resembling fraud, but a legitimate concern about furloughs .. which are usually involuntary separations and base period wages being lost.

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