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Can you receive unemployment if you quits because there are rodents in your place? Illinois

by Scared
(Chicago, il)

I work for a state facility and there are rodents in the building. the only thing they have done is put down mouse traps and that's not working. I have a box under my desk to put my feet up because i am afraid. If i quit will i be able to receive UE?

Hi Scared:)

I have a mouse story too. I was hard at work at my L shaped desk .. I swung in my chair to the right to grab some papers .. there was this LARGE mouse sitting there nibbling on what looked to be a piece of a cheeto .. which by the way, I had some stored in my upper left hand drawer. After I finished screaming like a girl .. the mouse laughed and said, "care for a cheeto?"

This was many, many years ago. At the time when I had no knowledge whatsoever about unemployment.

I don't mean to minimize your fear, but unless you have documentation from a mental health professional .. I don't think being scared will be enough for the state.

I suggest you take a look at the IDES.PDF and take a look at some of the decisions listed under VQ515.

My thoughts are it would be difficult to get benefits for quitting for this reason because the traps are an effort on the employer's part.

You might consider asking for a transfer .. or formally complain and see if the "state" will make a more "diligent effort" to rid your facility of those "disease carrying rodents".

I honestly don't know how the state would decide it. As with all quits attributable to the employer .. I do know that you have to give the employer opportunities to correct the situation and then if they don't .. your reason for quitting is examined to see if "a reasonable person" in the same situation would quit.

Now, if you were telling me that the rodent problem was causing health issues for you and a doctor has recommended that you quit because he believes this is the cause of your problems and you presented this information to the employer and they would not or could not resolve the problem .. then yes, you might have a strong case.

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