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Can you resign over text?

by Rachel

I had been at my bank teller job for almost ten years. I was basically a customer service manager but just didn't have the title.

I am a senior CSR. My current CSM (customer service manager) is retiring. We were told that Senior CSR's were not being considered to fill this position so I didn't apply for it when it posted.

Another Senior CSR was interested in applying but they told us no.

A different Senior CSR who I trained applied for the job and they gave it to her.

I feel I was lied to about what they were really doing and they had favoritism.

I am not a fan of sucking up...I know my job and I do it well without being babysat. Not only that I had reported this CSR to our ethics dept because she was buying food stamp cards from druggies in the bank branch!!! So she is doing something against company policy and a federal offense.

I sent some text messages stating my disapproval in their decision that I report to her. I applied for unemployment because apparently I resigned over text so they are stating I voluntarily quit and my manager called to tell me to turn my badge in because I had resigned.

I didn't resign so I still have my badge. I also wouldn't sign any papers saying I resigned. They are now appealing my unemployment. What are the chances I can win this appeal in Ohio?

If you tell me that you did not resign over your disapproval with who was promoted to the manager position, can I assume you were in fact terminated?

Why don't you tell me what option you picked when the unemployment application asks for the reason for job separation.

First, as far as your employer appealing your benefits (by the way, I've moved your
question to appeal FAQ's because of thisand removed your full name .. because 92 percent of employers supposedly, conduct background checks) It makes sense to me if the employer provides text messages as documentation that also make clear you were not going to work for this new manager, I'd call that proof you quit.

What I'm not clear about however, is how you managed to start collecting benefits if you told this story to the Ohio unemployment department (ODJFS) .. unless maybe, you stated you were terminated when you reported your manager to the ethics hotline for food stamp fraud.

Do you know if that was investigated .. or the results of the investigation?

All I know for certain right now about your situation is if the employer had appealed and purported in the appeal letter you voluntarily resigned somewhere within those text messages .. I'd do whatever I had to to try to get hard copies of the texts.

I'd need them to send to the hearing officer, the hearing rep and you the claimant for the hearing so the employer could effectively rebut the reasoning by the adjudicator for giving you benefits.

I'm not saying I don't believe you, but you have basically just left so many holes in the story and focused on irrelevant stuff that I don't believe will be enough to prove you had good cause to quit .. and I know nothing about any discharge .. I've only assumed one possible scenario for how things got to this point.

To answer your question though .. I'd say yes, it's very possible for a person to resign via text.

It's why I advise people to save texts as evidence to prove an employer came unhinged and verbally abused, or fired them via text messaging.

It's a new age of "digital" evidence .. don't you know.

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