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Can you win an appeal for unemployment if you quit to attend school and the job refused to work with your new schedule (CA)?

by Myeasha
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA)

I would like to know what is going to happen in my appeal process.

About 6 month ago I requested a leave of absent from my job to take a 2 month class, and the job refused to work with me. My direct supervisor stated that she would grant me my leave however her boss refused, even after my supervisor explained that the 2 month period would not affect the job. Then I request to work part-time and that was also refused, however there were others on the job who worked part-time to attend school. As a result of the forgoing facts I was forced to quit my job. I then applied for unemployment. I received the first letter which stated that I was approved to unemployment and gave me an amount of what I will be receiving. Three to four weeks later I received a letter stating that my unemployment was being denied. I submitted an appeals letter, however I have not received anything back after that.

Based upon my information do you think I will be able to win my appeal? And if I lose the appeal what other options do I have?


I'm can't even guess how many times I've written the following:

No. Work trumps school .. when it comes down to the choice.

But there are a few exceptions created by other legislation.

Unemployment benefits when you quit to go to school in California

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