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Can you work a few hrs on unemployment in NC? - This is a North Carolina Partial Unemployment question.

by Lisa
(North Carolina)

We found out today that my husband is going to be laid off from his job of 16 yrs. at the end of the month. He does have another job that he works but it is only a few hrs a month. Only when they need him. Will he still be able to do this on unemployment?


Hi Lisa,

Yes, most definitely, in fact people need to be careful .. depending on the state, about quitting part-time jobs after losing their full-time job.

While collecting unemployment, everyone must report any wages for the week in which they are earned. The state takes the amount of earned wages and applies their formula for determining partial unemployment benefits in North Carolina. Each state has their own formula.

All can be found here by clicking the current year, then "monetary eligibility" and going to Table 3-8

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