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Can your unemployment benefits be denied if your company offers you a job requiring a 70 mile commute and you refuse to take it?


My job ended because the contract I was working on was canceled. I registered for unemployment. My company has since offered me a job that requires a 70 mile commute. If I refuse to take this job, can my benefits be denied. I live in VA.


Here's the link to the Virginia unemployment precedent manual

I suggest you verify, but I seem to recall reading that 50 miles was good cause .. but they always take other things into consideration .. like how far you currently travel .. etc.

I also recall reading a VA decision which found there was not good cause to quit when the distance was 100 miles .. but the fellow had already accepted the job and eventually quit because he couldn't sell his house ..

The issue would be "suitable work" .. or when they deny benefits and a person appeals .. "refusal of suitable work".

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