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Canada Unemployment Benefits - when you quit.

by Anne Marie
(Stratford Ontario canada)

I and spouse are wanting me to move to his town. It is impossible for me to get to my existing job. My adult daughter lives with me along with my granddaughter. I have been trying to find work in the town HE lives in and we are finding it impossible for me to, if I find work at this exact moment to pack up and leave my rent,landlord and daughter here alone unable to give proper notice. If able to get unemployment until I get settled in new town then search for work is the only option we see.

Hi Anne Marie,

I don't know much about how Canadian unemployment insurance works, except to say it's similar to the US system and there is a treaty dealing with unemployment claims, but I have checked out their website .. which by the way I think is very comprehensive and informative .. unlike ours here in the US.

I am happy to provide you with the link to the information I think would be most helpful though.

Good reasons to get Canadian unemployment when you quit.


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