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Cant find an anwser ANYWHERE about NY Disability Insurance

by dee
(new windsor ny)

I have NOT quit as of yet I am currently on std short term disability (my earned sick time). I have permenate nerve damage to my left shoulder blade shoulder arm & fore arm. im unable to even drive or hild a coffe cup in my left hand due to excruciating pain. my dr is NOT allowing me to return to work YET its going to be 6-8 the time I try for social security disability i'll be back to work in a DIFFERENT occupation since my current one is extremely physical. I just need to know if NYS is one of the states that DO allow me to collect temporary unemployment until I get clearance for a much less paying job & way less physical job PLEASE HELP im very overwhelmed have NO where to turn cant get answers anywhere on line etc

Hi Dee,

NY is one of the states that has a program most often called something along the lines of a temporary disability unemployment program. (The info is provided on DOLETA's website.) However, as made abundantly clear, the programs and how they are funded vary by state.

The length of the coverage available to you until release3d by a doctor is not something I know off the top of my head, as you're not really asking about unemployment insurance benefits because you are in NY which doesn't work these type of payments in conjunction with the UI program.

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