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cant work for medical resons

by sherry
(Fulton NY)

If I sill have a job but I cant work at it for medical reasons and they fill my position at my job what Can I do? I have had this job for three years and I have never been on unemployment and earned the money can I still get it? My job Will not let me work if I'm not a 100% better.


Are you fully restricted from work? Are the medical reasons related to the work?

Let's say you are medically restricted from just some aspects of a job the amount of weight you can lift. You should present the restriction to the employer and ask for an accommodation until at which time the restriction is lifted.

The employer should try to accommodate your restriction under the ADA .. I believe, but if they can't and choose to replace you it would be a termination that is for something other than misconduct and if weight limitation are your only problem .. it does not necessarily make you not able and available for work .. you'd just have to look for work that doesn't impose lifting requirements.

Present your documentation which proves all this by asking the interviewer where you can fax everything.

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