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Car Broken Into Florida..Could this be good cause?

by Alex T.

I work in a medical office and my car is parked in the back has been broken into now for the SECOND time in less than 2 months.

Can that be used in any way as good cause to quit a job and still collect unemployment as i look for a new one??

Please let me know, thanks!!!!

Hi've been here before?

This part of what the statutes says about "suitable work".

(a) In determining whether or not any work is suitable for an individual, the Agency for Workforce Innovation shall consider the degree of risk involved to his or her health, safety, and morals; his or her physical fitness and prior training; the individual's experience and prior earnings; his or her length of unemployment and prospects for securing local work in his or her customary occupation; and the distance of the available work from his or her residence.

Now, you just need to decide if you'll wait to get beat up in the parking lot...before you quit.

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