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caring for a special needs infant

Hi- I have a 4.5 month old daughter that is classified as "special needs" because of her difficulty feeding. We have to use a special nipple and she recieves therapy once a week for her issues. To this day- my husband and I are the only ones capable of getting through a full feed with her. Concerned that child care workers will not have the skill nor patience to properly feed her throughout the day. I am in California an have been on maternity leave for 6 months.


See sections VQ 235 and VQ 155

The main concerns would be that if you quit you would not be able and available for work and you didn't mention anything about quitting on the advice of a doctor .. nor did you mention anything about being threatened with termination.

When you quit you have to be able to prove you made efforts to "preserve the employment" .. even if the reasons for quitting are personal .. it is in the efforts to preserve the employment that a quit becomes "attributable to the employer".

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